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Korea's Favorite Foods
The Korea’s Favorite Foods application was created for the foreign traveler as well as the international food enthusiast to explore Korea’s most famous foods and snacks.

25 foods are included in the list to choose from.

Have you ever traveled somewhere and wanted to order a food on the menu. Sure, you can point and ask for that item. Why not ask for it in the Native language? You will look like a superstar to your friends and it will show that you have respect for the language and culture.

The Korea’s Favorite Foods App will help y
ou understand what the favorite foods are. You will not need a Native Korean speaker to get around with a few basics. Although a friend is helpful - as they can read the Traditional Korean writing and help you locate a food or direct you to the location the food is at.

 Enjoy the many excellent foods of Korea.

  Features include:
* 25 Foods to choose from.
* English name of the food.
* Korean name of the food spelled Phonetically in English.
* Ko
rean name of the food written in Korean writing.
* Audio pronunciation of the food name in Korean.
* English description and details of what the food tastes like and how it is prepared.
* Audible list of some of the common courtesies such as “Hello” or “How are you?”.
* Audible list of how to order a food, such as “I would like to buy this one” or ‘Is this food spicy?”.

What are the most common side dishes served with your food?  The list is there too!

This app is available in English and Italian and includes Traditional Korean translations for the food title.

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