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Taiwan's Favorite Foods
  The Taiwan's Favorite Foods application was created for the foreign travler as well as the international food enthusiast to travel Taiwan and enjoy some of the country's most famous foods and snacks. 
25 foods are included in the list to choose from.  Most of the foods displayed are from the many various Night Markets and shopping districts.

Have you ever traveled somewhere and wanted to order a food on the menu.  Sure, you can point and ask for that item.  Why not ask for it in the Native language?  You will look like you are a superstar and it will show that you have respect for the language and culture.

The Taiwan’s Favorite Foods App will help you understand what the favorite foods are.  You will not need a Native Taiwanese speaker to show you around.  Although a friend is helpful - as they can see the Traditional Chinese name and help you locate the food or direct you to the location the food is at.  The locations tab of the App will show you on a map where your relative location is to the food.

Enjoy the many excellent foods of Taiwan

Features include:
25 Foods to choose from.
English name of the food.
Taiwanese name of the food spelled Phonetically.

 Traditional Chinese name of the food written in Chinese chracters.
Audio pronunciation of the food name in Traditional Chinese.
English description and details of what the food tastes like and how it is prepared.
Audible list of some of the common courtesies such as “Hello” or “Where is the washroom”.
Audible list of how to order a food, such as “May I have 1...” or ‘I would like this food a little spicy”.
Map directions from your location to the various night markets.

Application Information

Food Menu

Browse a list of 25 foods.  You will be able to read about the food item and how it is made, pronounced phonetically, written in the Traditional Chinese characters and hear it spoken to you in the native language.

Keep in mind that many of these foods are specialty items and that they are basically homemade and served from mobile food vendors.  The vendors will move from one location to another depending on the weather and amount of people visiting.

   Ordering Menu

This menu, even though titled "Ordering", is helpful for more then ordering your food.

It is always courteous to try and speak the language when ordering your food.  What if you want your coffee a little sweet or how do you ask for the coffee to be packaged to go (For Takeout)?  Listen to the spoken word and try saying it when you order?

How about other common phrases such as Hello, Goodbye, and Thank you?  They are hear to listen to as well.  What about asking for the washroom (toilet)? Listen and try to say the sentence.
  Locations Menu

Ever wonder where to find these foods?  There are many day and night markets in Taiwan that will cook up the these tasty dishes.  The list was not meant to be inclusive of where to buy the food, but it will give you an idea where a night market is that may serve it.

Click on the market name and the location will appear on a map.  Click the locations button to locate the market relative to your location.

It is helpful to have a local Taiwanese friend to guide you in your experience.  They can read the Taiwanese food name in Traditional Chinese and help you as well to find a location.

   Download Taiwan's Favorite Foods from the Apple App Store.  
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